What happens in antenatal classes?

The topics covered in antenatal, or parentcraft, classes might include:

What happens in labour

Coping with labour, including different kinds of pain relief

Exercising after pregnancy

Your feelings about the birth

Your feelings about being a new mum or dad

Caring for your baby

Feeding your baby

In the classes you can find out about the different options for labour and delivery so you can feel confident about making your own birth plan. You’ll be able to talk about your plans and any concerns you have with health professionals and other parents-to-be who are expecting babies around the same time as you. There may also be time to talk to healthcare professionals or your NCT class leader and ask questions on a one-to-one basis during any breaks in the sessions. If you have any particular concerns or worries about your pregnancy you may find it helpful to tell the course leader either before or at your first class so they can find ways to support you.

Types of antenatal class

There are many different sorts of antenatal classes. You might find it helpful to go to more than one type. It is important to check that the person running the class has been properly trained.

Some types of antenatal class include:
  • Early pregnancy and diet
  • Lamaze classes (involving breathing techniques, relaxation and support)
  • Active birth (learning birthing techniques and positions)
  • Calmbirth (childbirth education program based on understanding of the birth process)
  • Hypnobirthing (a form of deep meditation and relaxation)
  • Antenatal yoga or pilates
  • Preparation for breastfeeding
  • Post delivery recovery

There are also classes especially for:
  • Fathers & their important role
  • Parents who are expecting twins
  • Parents who know they will be having a caesarean


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