We proudly announce that our level 3 NICU is one of the largest NICU in the region and success stories like these show that our health care has reached International standards now.

Mother nidhi from pinjore delivered a 650gms baby in PGI which had 3 MONTH'S of prematurity. The baby was shifted to bedi hospital as there were hardly any centres in tricity which had level 3 NICU equipment to handle such prematurity. Chances of survival of such preterm babies are very less, but this baby made it after fighting in our NICU For more than 60 days. Baby nidhi had many many ups and down including heart defects, kidney defects and digestive problems as the baby required intravenous nutrition for a long time as the stomach did not develop properly. But proudly the baby fought hard and with hard work of NICU staff the baby is now fit and fine and has been discharged now.

We wish nidhi and the family all the best..! @ Bedi Hospital - A Mother & Child Hospital

BEDI HOSPITAL NICU SUCCESS STORY 2017..! B/O Neha was born almost 2 months premature and after fighting very hard for over 35 days in nicu the baby is fit and thriving. Baby was 900 gms when the baby came to us and now is 2.3 kg. We wish all the best to the darling baby and the family..!


Today we are celebrating the discharge of baby shikha who was 2 months premature and was very low birth weight ...!!! Spending more than a month in the NICU our baby princess has fought hard and has defied all odds.

We salute the positive and cheerful attitude of shikha as there were many ups and down during the childs one month long stay..

Baby shikha has truly gone on u and we know that she will be a fighter just like u.. Shikha will be heading back to Canada soon with their bundle of joy...

Bedi hospital family wishes them the best for the future..!



From the very begining of the pregnancy, I noticed a difference in the way everything is handled in Bedi Hospital. Meeting Dr. Bedi can only be described as meeting a successful and yet down to earth person. Each question and query is answered with a smile. She is never too rushed to allay the fears of new would-be parents!

The staff is helpful and prompt in their field of expertise, whether it is making appointments or administering injections as painlessly as possible.

During the course of my prenatal appointments, I was never just a case number or patient. Every staff member is approachable and very personable. Not once did I feel that I was speaking to someone who is ill-equipped to handle my case.

All this starts at the top, always. Dr. Gk Bedi as well as Dr. Rs Bedi are pioneers in their respective fields and it reflects in the way they interact with everyone. The staff get to emulate such amazing role models who deal with all patients with utmost care!

Lastly, the in-house meals cater to the specific needs of those admitted as well as the attendant. The meals always reach the room piping hot, though night services could improve. This is appreciated all the more by a new mother!

Bedi hospital offers the complete package in terms of a delightful hospital experience, supported tremendously by the esteemed and practicable Lactation Consultant dr. Arvin as well as all the staff. Also special thanks to MD ma'am.


Was in delimna, where to have my baby. Frankly shopped a lot. My wife was a nervous wreck, specially with the experience of the first baby.

What convinced us was the team of gynecologists and pediatricians under one roof.

The counselling by the pediatrician, exercise and diet counsellor before birth was comforting.

A terrific place, aesthetically built with a warm and competent staff.

We would recommend all expecting parents to visit this hospital before making a decision.

Thankfully landed by luck one night in emergency at Bedi hospital when her gynac was out of station.

Best part was both dr mrs G K Bedi and Dr Bedi stay next door.

I delivered my baby in lhalf an hour!! Baby went to the NICU because of respiratory problems.

Handled superbly by the neonatologists.

Sorry for writting this late. But wanted to thaaank everyone connected with the treatment. Very professional... Very warm.

God is great... Dr Vikram, your patience is commendable. My wife is your fan.

See you soon for revisit.

Would recommend Bedi hospital for delivery for the following reasons:

1. Excellent team of obstetricians headed by dr Bedi ma'am and pediatricians headed by Bedi sir. You feel safe for yourself and your child.

2. Antenatal classes done professionally, specially the session on 'how to reduce chances of caesarian section'

3. Great aesthetics and spotlessly clean.

4. Competent nursing staff.

5. One point: cafeteria can do with some improvement--a minor point though.

A great experience, if you are looking for a warm, yet professionally competent place for both mother and child's safety.

Taken maternity to a suprr-speciality level at Bedi hospitsl!!

Such a dedicated place right from the reception to the delivery room and nursery. Everything is very minutely cared for.

There is a sense of senerity in this place....something very nice and different. Not like the cold and aloof atmosphere of a hospital.

Coupled with thorough professional approach during pregnancy, delivery and post delivery care of both mother and the baby.

You feel very safe and confident.

Discharge took a bit of time. Can improve on this aspect apart from parking.

Special mention of asthetics and attempt for making it a green building, very well designed since I am an architect. Shows the caring attitude and eye for details of the doctor couple.

It is a concept hospiral with corporate facilities and easy approachability. Not like a typical nursing-home.

Best thing is that both senior gynecologist and pediatrcian stay in the immediate neighbourhood., available round the clock.

Since, my husband was out at that Time. I called for the hospital ambulance, which arrived promptly.

The ecperience was so comfortable. Thanks to all.

My baby had jaundice after 3 days. They put the phototherapy in the room, which was very thoughtful.


They put the balloons in the rooms before I came back groom the Labour room !!

And gave a photo frame of my baby's foot prints and her picture.

Such a lovely experience. Thanks ma'am Thanks dr Bedi. ..Thanks to the nursing staff, specially the NUCU sisters. They are young but handle the sick babies so comptently. You feel safe.

Special thanks to ma'am arvin for helping me in feeding issues. The training you have for normal delivery was superb.

Practically nothing nice to eat at night. It looks like a hotel...so you feel like eating good food.

A truly joyful experience.

Sooo sweet.

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