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  • Dr. Sumeet Dhawan

    Neurologist - Pediatrics

    Dr. Sumeet Dhawan

    Pediatric Neurology

    Dr Sumeet is a Pediatric Neurologist (Paediatric Neurologist) practicing in Chandigarh. He has completed his MBBS from B.J.Medical College Pune (2009); and MD Paediatrics (2012) and DM (2018) in Pediatric Neurology from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh (PGIMER, Chandigarh).


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Pediatric Neurology

The Paediatric Neurology team at Bedi Hospital is composed of highly skilled and experienced neurologists who provide compassionate, comprehensive neurology treatment for children and adolescents with diseases of the nervous system. The team's scope is vast and covers both simple nervous issues and more complex neurological disorders such as those stemming from birth defects and genetic disorders.

With allied medical specialists on hand and modern medical infrastructure, Bedi Hospital provides its patients with best possible treatment for neurological disorders.

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Paediatric neurologists diagnose and treat children with diseases and conditions that affect the nervous system. They also deal with patients who have head injuries, seizures, or muscle weakness. After a consultation, your neurologist will develop a treatment plan to manage and care for children with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), speech delays, coordination issues, fine and gross motor delays, etc. They can also treat children who have learning disabilities.

The occurrence of seizures in children is not uncommon. It is caused whenever there’s an abnormally excessive neuronal activity in the brain. Most of the seizures are either provoked by fever or are only a one-time event, such as from a fall and are not necessarily a cause of concern. However, when the seizures in a child are recurrent and without any identifiable precipitating factors, consulting a paediatric neurologist is of utmost importance.

Executive Summery

He has clinical experience in management of refractory epilepsies, west syndrome, dravet syndrome, convulsions, seizures, sfebrile seizures, absence seizures, cerebral palsy doctor, global development delay, GDD, mental retardation, intellectual disability, childhood stroke, hemiplegia, gait problems, Dizziness, vertigo, Behavioral problems like autism, hyperactivity, aggression, ADHD; genetic disorders amongst others.

Academic Honours


B.J.Medical College Pune

MD Paediatrics

Pediatric Neurology from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh

DM Pediatric Neurology

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh

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