India is today recognized as the medical destination for its convenience, economical prices & its expertise in Medical Science. Bedi Infertility Center has successfully treated patients from Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Middle East, Europe & other parts of the world.

Why India

  • India offers world class medical facilities at economical prices.
  • India has modern communication facilities.
  • India has some of the best doctors & surgeons of the world.
  • Unlike Europe Infertility patients above 35 years can get ART.
  • India has democratically elected stable government.
  • Indian doctors are constantly in touch with the world medical community & so they offer the latest treatment.

Why Choose Bedi’s IVF

Personalised Services by an Experienced Team: A highly experienced team of resident doctors & staff takes care of patients with personal attention.

World Class Infrastructure & Results: With modern infrastructure the center is fully equipped to cater to varying needs of the patients.

No Waiting Period: Special care is taken at the center to ensure practically no waiting period for treatment.

Special Economical Packages: Bedi’s Infertility Center specialises in devising economical & time saving packages for infertility treatment, & timings for IVF cycles can be modified as per patient’s convenience.

Donor Oocyte Program & Semen / Embryo Freezing Facilities Available

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