6 Effective Ways to Teach Your Child English Speaking At Home

In the modern world, more and more parents want their children to be speakers of the English language at a younger age. When children are at a prime age, learning a new language is relatively easy and quick. Therefore, it will be helpful to start teaching English to your child early.

The following tips will be helpful:

#1. Establish a Routine
Establishing an English routine at home can significantly help your child learn to speak in English. For very young children you can have 15-minute sessions. You can gradually increase the length of sessions as the child grows, for you to have your child’s attention, you should ensure the activities are short and clear.

#2. Using Stories
Small children are attracted to books with attractive illustrations and bright colours. Afterwards ask your child to point at various things, e.g. ‘where is the dog?’’ After this, encourage your child to ask a question.

#3. Hire an English Speaking House Help
Parents who are not always present at home can save their children a great deal if they hire an English speaking house help. You can be at ease knowing that your children are learning English even in your absence.

#4. Listen to English Music
All children no matter their age love music. Singing and dancing to English songs with your child will significantly help them in learning English. Songs involve a lot of rhythms and repetitions thus making it easy for your child to remember.

#5. Encourage Them to Play in English
It is easy for children to learn naturally without intervention from adults. Children can learn English while playing and making mistakes along the way. You should encourage your children to learn English the same way you would teach their first language.

#6. Don’t Overwhelm the Child with Many New Words
When teaching your child new words, try not to overwhelm him with many new words. Introducing 3 new words at a time would be ideal so that the child will not have a tough time remembering.

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