Why Choose Bedi Hospital ?

We are committed to providing family-centered care. The best outcome for your child will be achieved by families and healthcare professionals working together as partners. In this relationship,each partner values communication, accountability, respect and a supportive environment. Parents participate in daily rounds with the medical team, and are important members of each baby’s care team.

Our Hospital is designed to provide a home-like setting, so you can be by your new baby’s side 24 hours a day. Our Hospital supports your new baby in a healing environment by using sophisticated technology such as specialized flooring that reduces noise, acoustic ceiling tiles, indirect lighting to promote healthy brain development, and spacious private rooms for each infant. Our rooms are private, setting us apart from other high level Hospitals in the region. We also encourage siblings and family members to visit.

The staff in the Hospital includes a diverse and highly experienced group of professionals.

We train the next generation of leaders in neonatology through our competitive fellowship program in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine.

Professional Staff

Our Hospital nursing staff meets stringent educational and skill requirements set by CCS. Other members of the Hospital multi-disciplinary team include a masters-trained social worker, a masters-trained neonatal/pediatric education specialist, and respiratory therapists with advanced training in neonatal care.

Our Vision

To build a trusted and respected medical institution of excellence.

Our Mission

To bring hope to our patients through empathetic care and medical excellence.

Our Values


Treat our patients with empathy and address their every need, fear and hope. We feel their pain and will do our utmost to alleviate it.


Excellence is our driving force. We want to excel and we want to inspire, by challenging our own selves to push boundaries and offer the very best medical care.


Ethics form the foundation of our service to our patients. Our primary duty is our patient’s well-being, over-riding any other consideration.

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