Equal Parenting - Karwa Chauth

Parenting is a magical experience but its no walk in the park. The world is changing and so are parenting styles. As we wade through these complicated times children require the presence and attention of both their parents with complementing skills. The Mothers and Fathers themselves need each other’s support to manage crazy work hours, sleepless nights, during hospital visits and still have a balanced life.

We asked our users how they exercise equal parenting at home and here are some amazing stories of women who are raising extraordinary boys and girls with the help of their husbands.

There is so much that I’m thankful for. Here’s my little attempt to show my husband how proud I m to have him in my life. Thank you so much Keval, for everything. Since the 1st day, we met till now. During raising n taking care of our little daughter Dhwity you helped in many ways like holding my hair back during that morning sickness session, for running out for my midnight cravings and for letting me use all pillows n most of d part of our bed so I can feel comfortable during pregnancy. Most amazing, for holding my hand during labour so I can feel safe n strong. Thanks for rocking n changing our newborn at night so I could get some sleep. After the long day at work u still happily help with everything. Maybe Dhwity will grow up and not understand all things u have done for her and me but I can see you and I am thankful for it. You gave me strength and you always encourage me. And the most important thing for me is you appreciate all I do for our daughter more than anybody.

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