How to make cerelac at home

Home made cerelac traditionally called as sathu maavu is one of the most nutritious and healthy weight gaining foods for your child. While the recipe given below gives you suitable quantities of all the ingredients, you can customize the recipe by changing these amounts depending on your baby's need and her body requirement.

1. One and half a cup white/brown rice.
2. One cup urad dal (split black gram)
3. One cup hara chana (green gram)
4. One cup moong dal (split green gram)
5. One cup bhuna chana (roasted gram)
6. One cup masoor dal (split red lentils)
7. One cup dalia(broken wheat)
8. Half a cup sabudana (sago)
9. Half a cup chana dal (horse gram)
10. Half a cup corn
11. Half a cup almonds
12. Half a cup cashew
13. 8-10 pods elaichi (cardamom)

Method Of Preparation.
1. Soak all the ingredients except for almonds, cashews and cardamom in water overnight. Rinse and dry them properly the next day.
2. After this,dry roast all the ingredients as follows
~Rice: Roast the rice grains till they become puffed and grow in size.
~Pulses and Dalia: Roast them till they turn golden-brown and a little crispy. For hara chana, roast till its colour changes from green to mild brown.
~Sabudana: Roast till it becomes crispy and a little dry.
~Bhuna chana: It will require a little roasting so that it becomes dry and relatively more crispy.
~Corn: Dry roast till it becomes crispy or starts crackling.
~Almond and Cardamom: Roast till their aroma starts rising.
~Cashew: Roast till golden-brown.
3. Allow all the constituents to cool down for some time.
4. Now, powder all the roasted ingredients in a mixer or blender.
5. Sift the ground flour to make it more finer.
6. Store the sifted fine flour in an air-tight container. It can be stored and used safely for 4-6 months.

Before Serving:
1. Take a cup of milk and let it boil.
2. Add two tablespoons of the homemade cerelac to the boiled milk and stir to remove the lumps. This way the mixture would form a paste, add some more milk if needed.
3. Once done, put off the flame.
4. Serve warm.

Handy Tips:
1. You can add mashed fruits like bananas, apples or chiku (sapota) to enhance the nutritional content of the dish.
2. You can add jaggery to sweeten the cerelac. Avoid using sugar as much as possible.

1) Nuts should not be given to babies below 1 year.
2) Daal can be given to babies to older than 8 months but it should be really soft for baby to digest.

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