Take These Simple Precautions And Let Your Kids Have Fun in the Rain

Kids love rains and hate them too because of the obstacles it brings. Nevertheless, we all have loved floating those paper boats in the slush and get wet despite the scolding our moms followed up with. For kids, a rainy day is generally bliss. It could mean a surprise school holiday, lots of samosas-pakoras frying up at home, a chance to drench themselves on the terrace and so much.

To Let, or Not to Let?
The reasons for allowing kids to play in the rain are many. Some of these include the chance rains give for kids to unleash their creativity. Kids get to understand the way rains work.
Then again, some believe that exposure to the rains isn’t all that good thanks to air pollution, chemical imbalances and so on.

Make sure that rainy days and monsoon fun is restricted only when the related conditions are safe. No one will sanction the idea of letting kids play when there are thunderstorms or even the possibility of a strong wind gust. You have to be careful about such things. Check that even when getting wet, your kid has proper clothing on. Especially, mind what he is wearing. Poor quality footwear can cause slips in the rain and also invite things such as pebbles to prick in.

Of course, some precautions will help while getting wet in the rain.
● Make sure you change clothes immediately after kids have fun in the rain.
● Mix some antiseptic liquid with warm water for bathing purpose.
● Do not allow kids to stay in rain-drenched clothes for long.
● Make sure your kids are given a good head-rinse even post bathing.
● A light massage using a cream your child uses regular, after post-rain bathing, is helpful.

Regularly using immunity-boosting recipes for your kids, can actually make them less prone to developing a cold when they get wet in the first rains.

The main point to remember here is that kids will be kids. Instead of letting them stay wary of everything, let them be. Up to a point, everything is perfect and controllable. No kid will be allowed to stay out for hours in the rain, in any case.

The most important and last tip in this regard is to relax and loosen up a little as parents! This helps more than you can imagine. Then again, being pragmatic and always storing medicines relevant to common colds and flu is a helpful idea. You never know when you might need these. Precautions will help you sail through any issues. Better safe than sorry, after all!

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