Squats During Pregnancy Benefits and Safety

Is It Safe To Exercise When Pregnant?
Yes. It is safe to exercise when pregnant, but a right type of exercise done in a right amount at the right time. In fact, squats in pregnancy are recommended to build strength in your lower body which takes a lot of pressure during delivery.

Amazing Benefits Of Squatting During Pregnancy
1. Healthy body weight: Weight gain in pregnancy can be unhealthy if it is above a certain level. Too much fat accumulation causing weight gain is not a good idea.

2. Cardiovascular fitness: Cardiovascular fitness, endurance and muscular strength can be maintained and improved through exercise and squatting during pregnancy.

3. Muscular strength: You will have some extra weight all over your body during pregnancy. All the weight will be borne by your legs and the back muscles are at work for extra hours to bear it.

4. Improved posture: Lower back pain can really hurt during pregnancy and squatting is the solution. Improving posture and body mechanics decreases the frequency and severity of the pain.

5. Treatment of pregnancy-induced complications and prevention: In those women who are predisposed to gestational diabetes, exercise has been shown to prevent or control it by improving glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

6. Relief from minor discomforts: Squatting helps reduce minor discomforts which are very common during pregnancy like constipation, poor bladder control, varicose veins, insomnia, heartburn, and leg cramps.

7. Easing of labour: There is evidence that says that the women who were active throughout their pregnancy and performed squatting exercise during the 9th month of pregnancy had an earlier onset of labour at term, shorter duration of labour and reduced complications.

8. Faster recovery: An active mother during pregnancy recovers faster, and gets back to the pre-pregnant state in terms of energy, pain, muscle strength, weight loss, toned abdomen and endurance sooner.

9. Psychological benefits: Exercising during pregnancy has positive effects on the maternal mental well-being leading to decreased depression and an improvement in self-esteem and body confidence.

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