Yoga for post-delivery weight loss!

You can start yoga after childbirth but there are few things to be taken into consideration before you start practising yoga asanas.

Yoga or for that matter any exercise post-delivery need to be done under the expert guidance of your doctor and a trained physiotherapist who will be able to guide you through the right postures. So if you are planning to do yoga after a C-sec delivery remember to have yourself thoroughly checked and a get an all-ok certificate from your doctor before you proceed to do yoga.

If you have had a vaginal birth, then your doctor will probably advise you to wait for 6 weeks before you start yoga or any other exercise. You may start with easy warm-up yoga poses and gradually go on to stretches again depending on your comfort levels.

What Are The Benefits Of Doing Yoga After Child Birth?
Yoga after childbirth not only helps in strengthening your pelvic muscles it also helps in tightening all those loose and sagging muscles you get post-delivery.

1. Improving posture and stamina: Nine months of carrying the baby imbalances your spine, back and legs. You’ll feel as if you are walking with your legs apart and was no longer taking graceful strides. Yoga asanas can help re-align yourself

2. Building the core muscles: Especially after the second pregnancy, you would lose more elasticity in the tummy muscles. You can have a very flabby stomach. Using your own bodyweight through Yoga, you’ll be able to get a waistline and reduce the fat and flab

3. Reducing fatigue: Delivery, baby issues and body issues lefts you fatigued and cranky most of the times. You would often complain of aches and pains you never knew of. Your muscles would be tired and you’ll like taking a nap most of the times. Yoga would help re-energise your muscles. It’ll also help you carry your kids around town in one arm with grocery bags in the other. Stretching your body would refresh your systems and you’ll feel like your old self again - full of energy and life!

4. Gentle but effective: Yoga would be gentle on your body. You could stretch as much as you are comfortable with. While practising yoga, make sure you’re not stressing your knees or back. Make sure that you are exercising parts of your body without causing harm to those parts that had borne the brunt of carrying excessive weight.

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