Blog - 7 Healthy Ways to keep Karva Chauth Fast during Pregnancy

According to the Indian traditions, keeping a Karva Chauth’s fast is every wife’s duty as it helps in increasing the lifespan of the husband. With time, these notions and folklore are finding an exit but this festival hasn’t lost its significance. Now, it is seen as a way of celebrating marital life. If you are expecting a baby and want to observe the Karva Chauth fast, there are a lot of precautions that you need to take. Follow these simple tricks and have a safe Karva Chauth fast.

1. Consult your doctor

If you are pregnant and still want to observe the Karva Chauth fast, the first thing you need to do is to consult your doctor. Every pregnancy is different. Thus, just because you saw some of your friends and relatives keeping a fast doesn’t mean that you can do that. You need to be absolute whether your body and your baby are in a position to keep the fast or not.

2. Eat in between

Even if your doctor allows you to go ahead with your Karva Chauth plans, it will not be the usual one. Since your body’s metabolism is high during pregnancy, you will have to feed it at regular intervals. Eat lots of fruits and keep yourself hydrated with milk and coconut water. As your body requires more energy during pregnancy, even this will seem like a proper fast.

3. There will be some problems

Despite eating fruits and drinking milk during your Karva Chauth fast, your body will reject some things and will behave differently as even if you are keeping it fed, you are deviating it from its normal course. Nausea, headache, acidity and dizziness are common symptoms. However, if you think that it is a bit too much, break your fast immediately.

4. Before and after ‘to do’ things

There are certain things that you should do before starting your fast and after ending it. In the morning, while having Sargi, drink a glass of milk and eat well. Make sure that you consume at least one bowl of fresh fruits. When you end the fast at night, follow it with some fresh coconut water and a glass of milk. This will maintain the nutritional level of your body.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

One is not allowed to drink water during Karva Chauth fast but for a pregnant lady, it is really important to stay hydrated. If you don’t want to drink water, consume milk and fresh juices. Eating fruits with a high level of water content works well too.

6. Indulge in other activities

Keep yourself busy throughout the fast. Read something or do some other work. In simple terms, you need to deviate your mind because the more you will think about the fast, the more you will feel hungry.

7. Some things that you should avoid

There are some things that are an absolute no-no during the fast. Keep yourself away from high intake of caffeine, sugar and salt. Do not consume fat rich food at the end of the day as it can cause acidity. Follow these simple guidelines and we are sure that you will be able to keep the fast without any difficulty. Happy and safe Karva Chauth to all.

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