Blog - Do's Don'ts after embryo transfer

Now that you have had the embryo transfer there is an anxious wait over the next few weeks. Most couples found difficult what to do and what not to do after embryo transfer to getting the pregnancy result positive.

Do’s After Embryo Transfer
  • Rest for a couple of Hours: One should engage in light physical activities, and take plenty of rest when possible because this can help a little more.
  • Drink a lot of Fluid: It helps in cleansing toxic elements, beat mood swings, and keep energies up.
  • Reduce Stress Level: This is highly necessary for the positive outcome of IVF.
  • Pamper Yourself: Do all the activities that please you, promote relaxation, and wellness.
  • Resume Normal and Gentle Activities: Follow your normal routine and if you are working, then you should resume to the nature of work. But if it is a much physical demanding job, then talk to your concerned superior about the temporary change in job commitments while going through IVF treatment.
  • Take Shower but not Bath up to Five Days after embryo transfer because this can help with the implantation.
Don’ts After Embryo Transfer
  • Full-Time Bed Rest: Strictly Prohibited as you may resume in your daily light activities.
  • Refrain from Vigorous Exercises: Besides light physical activities, walking is acceptable and avoid any other hard exercises until you have taken a pregnancy test.
  • Avoid any physical efforts, like intercourse for about 3-4 days.
  • Avoid being submerged in water or going to a swimming pool.
  • Avoid drinking Alcohol or Caffeine.

Last but not the least stay distracted as far as possible and celebrate the journey with hopes to bring the new one wonderfully to this amazing world.

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