Blog - Is Using AC safe in your baby's room?

You make all efforts to keep your baby comfortable and thus you may wonder whether you can safely use the air conditioner for your baby or not. A cosy and comfortable sleep is of utmost importance for a baby. Therefore, many doctors may recommend the use of air conditioners or air coolers for your baby, if you exercise proper caution. Keep these in mind if you keep your baby comfortable while using Cooler or Air Conditioner.

1. Monitor the Temperature

You should keep monitoring the temperature according to the temperature outside or else it may get too cold for your baby.

2. Maintain Comfortable Temperature

Ensure that you maintain a comfortable temperature in the room when using air conditioners or coolers. Any kind of extreme temperatures may prove to be bad for your baby’s health.

3. No Direct Air

Be it AC or cooler, your baby should not be getting any direct air from either.

4. Use a Light Blanket or Sheet

You should cover your baby with a light blanket or a sheet when using AC or a cooler. Keep in mind that your baby only requires one extra layer than you and thus do not use heavy blankets or sheets.

5. Avoid Dryness

Use of air conditioners may cause dryness in the room; therefore, it will be a good idea to keep a bowl of water in the room. You may also apply some oil around your baby’s nose to avoid any kind of dry nasal passage or nosebleeds.

6. Fresh Air

If you are using air coolers, you may leave a window open for the circulation of some fresh air.

7. Night Clothing

Temperatures usually drop at night, thus it may be a good idea to dress up your baby in full-length clothes.

8. Take Care of the Temperature Difference

If your baby is in an air-conditioned environment for long, taking him out at an extreme temperature may be harmful to your baby. You should switch off the AC and let the temperature become normal before you expose your baby to any kind of temperature change.

9. Keep Checking Your Baby

Keep checking your baby’s head, chest, hands and feet to ensure that he may be cosy and comfortable.

10. Regular Cleaning and Servicing of the AC or Cooler

When you are using ACs or Coolers for your baby, you should make sure that they are cleaned and serviced on a regular basis. This not only ensures clean air for your baby to breathe but the equipment also works effectively.

Can Using Too Much Air Conditioner/Cooler Affect Your Baby?

If you are thinking is air cooler good for babies or is air conditioner safe for your baby? Well, using ACs or coolers with precaution may be safe for your baby; however, you should refrain from using both these cooling equipment for a long time at a stretch. This is because exposing your baby to colder temperature may put your baby at the risk of having lower body temperature, which may be harmful to your baby.

Here are some points that may help you in deciding whether to choose AC or cooler for your baby:

  • You may regulate and maintain temperature with an air conditioner.
  • You may use air conditioners during the monsoon months, whereas you may not be able to use coolers during these months.
  • The new age air conditioners provide for clean air for your baby, whereas that may not be the case with air coolers.
  • Where coolers increase the humidity, air conditioners may help in removing humidity.

If you are against the idea of using artificial means to provide cooling to your baby or you may be in a situation where you may not be able to use ACs or coolers, some of the following methods may help:

  • You may use dehumidifiers and fans.
  • You may use curtains that block the heat and may help in keeping the room cold.
  • You may make your baby wear light cotton clothes.
  • Using an air conditioner or cooler is a personal choice, however, it is important that if you plan to use either, you should take all the precautionary measures.

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