Blog - Polycystic ovary syndrome

Having Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is very often associated with weight problems. There are however ways to deal with those problems using proper diet and exercise. Here are some useful tips to help you with losing weight when you have polycystic ovaries.

PCOS tip number 1 - Nutrition not Starvation

Diet means having proper nutrition not – getting yourself starved. A healthy diet should be a one which you enjoy and find tasty, it shouldn’t cause you stress and make you miserable. Being miserable isn’t healthy.

PCOS tip number 2 – Daily exercise

All the diets come well in hand with daily physical activities. If you don’t want to exercise you must at least go for a hasty walk. Combining a diet with daily exercise could really make a difference when you have PCOS. Here are some benefits of daily exercise:

  • Better mood
  • Higher endorphin levels
  • Blood glucose levels regulation
  • Being in shape for pregnancy
  • Faster weight loss
PCOS tip number 3 – Blood sugar levels control

Having problems with your weight when you have Polycystic ovaries might be caused by the abnormal metabolism in glucose and insulin. Insulin controls your blood sugar levels and gives signals to your body about storing fat. If you have high insulin levels your androgen production will increase which may make your PCOS symptoms much worse.

Looking for low carb diets might help you losing weight when you have PCOS. For a low carb diet, you should stop eating white bread, potatoes, pasta, high sugar fruits, candy and other snack foods. Replace those high carb foods with:

  • high fibre carbs
  • meat with high levels of proteins like beef and fish
  • healthy fats from nuts and fish
PCOS tip number 4 – Rethink your eating habits

Think about the food you eat and do you even need this much food. Most of the people eat a lot more than they need to. Start making changes and gradually switch the unhealthy foods with healthier options. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat anything sweet and unhealthy – it’s okay from time to time.

PCOS tip number 5 – Metformin

Metformin also is known as Glucophage is a drug for people with type 2 diabetes but is very often prescribed for obese people and women suffering from PCOS. When you have PCOS metformin might help you with:

  • losing weight
  • better cholesterol levels
  • period regulation
  • lowering blood pressure
  • better reactions to fertility drugs

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