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  • Dr. Kshitij Charaya

    ENT - Pediatrics

    Dr. Kshitij Charaya

    Pediatric ENT

    Dr. Kshitij Charaya is an ENT specialist also affiliated with Indus Hospital Super Speciality, Mohali. He diagnoses and manages disease of ear, nose and throat. Dr. Kshitij Charaya treats various medical conditions like hearing loss, dizziness, vertigo, allergies, injuries to face, certain cancers of throat and neck.


11+ years experience


Pediatric ENT




Hindi, English

Pediatric ENT

The Paediatric ENT Department at Bedi Hospital provides the best treatment for common and complex ENT disorders in children, from ear infections symptoms to chronic inflammatory disease. child ENT specialists have the experience and expertise to meet those needs.

Paediatric ENT or Otolaryngology specialises in the care of children’s Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT). ENT care for children is crucial as it covers some of the most prevalent issues that children face during growth. Bedi Hospital Pediatric ENT specialists cater to issues both common and complex.

Know More

If you notice any kind of discomfort in your ears, nose, or throat then you need to visit an ENT. You should also visit an ENT specialist if you experience any of these,

  • Sinus
  • Nasal congestion
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Sore throat
  • Pain in the ear

Both an ENT and Pediatric ENT are physicians who are trained to treat all problems concerning the ears, nose, and throat and other issues connected to the head or neck. Pediatric ENT treats all ailments relating to the ears, nose and throat in children. Pediatric ENT specialists also treat children with defects of the head and neck since birth.

Executive Summery

Among the finest ENT Doctors in the city, Dr Kshitij Charaya, is known for offering excellent patient care. The clinic is located centrally at Bedi Hospital, Chandigarh There is no dearth of public modes of transport to reach the facility from all major areas of the city.

Dr Kshitij Charaya has a well-equipped clinic with all the modern equipment. Bedi Hospital has separate waiting and consultation areas which allow enough space for patients to wait conveniently at the clinic. Being a specialized ENT Doctors, the doctor offers a number of medical services.

Academic Honours

BJ Medical College and Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

Otorhinolaryngology - PGI, Chandigarh

National & International Awards

  • Gold Medal – Junior Consultant Award , UP-AOICON
  • Gold Medal – Resident Paper Award, RHINOCON, Gangtok
  • Gold Medal – Poster Award , RHINOCON, Gangtok
  • Gold Medal – Resident Quiz , North West Zone , AOICON
  • Medalist – MS (Otolaryngology),PGIMER
  • Gold Medal– Resident Quiz, RHINOCON Mumbai
  • Silver Medal – Poster, FHNOCON , Bhubaneswar
  • Governing Member – All India Rhinology Society
  • Young Achiever’s Award – Times of India

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