Ear Piercing at Bedi Hospital

Bedi Hospital has Studex Ear Piercing Systems available in-house. It is the most widely used ear piercing system in the world today. Millions of consumers around the world trust Studex® for safe and gentle piercing. The contoured handle and superior quality of the instruments assure years of trouble free ear piercing. The process is virtually painless, done under a Doctor's supervision in a hygenic environment so you have nothing to worry about as it is the safest and most reliable choice for kids as well as adults.

Starting At : ₹ 1000/- onwards

Safest Ear Piercing

OA Doctor will be available at ear piercing to ensure safest and virtually painless process. Doing it inside our Hospital's clean environment offers the optimum in hygiene and sterility.

Design Pressure Spring

Our pressure spring applies gentle pressure on the earlobe to keep it in the right place. It also ensures the clasp is properly loaded in the clasp retainer.

Coded Stud Adaptors

It’s easy to identify the size of the studadaptors. A color coded collar on the adaptor indicates the stud size it fits. No more guessing and hoping you have the proper adaptor installed. –if it is the right color, it is the right size adaptor!

Sterilized Ear Piercing Studs

Studex ear piercing studs exceed all F.D.A / E.C requirements and are sealed and sterilized in individual packages.

It takes a minimum of 6 weeks for pierced ear lobes and 12 weeks for ear cartilage piercings. You should only switch into new earrings after the suggested healing period.

Clean the piercing area(s) with After Piercing Lotion or Gel (available at the Pharmacy) and rotate the piercing stud at least once a day. More frequent cleaning is necessary after excessive physical activity. Avoid touching the piercing area(s) whenever possible.

Yes! All Studex ear piercing systems are safe for ears of any age. However, we recommend that parents wait until the first DPT vaccination is administered to a newborn and to consult with our pediatricians.

No. We use Studex Ear Piercing System which has been carefully designed to pierce ears virtually pain free. When performed properly under a doctor's guidance, most people feel little or no discomfort.

Yes! At bedi Hospital all Ear Piercing process are done under a Doctor's guidance in a hygenic environment. We use Studex ear piercing studs and hoops which are packaged and sterilized to meet or exceed U.S. FDA standards and EC European regulations.

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